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When an anonymous message comes to a dating or cruising app, they’re very easy to ignore, find out more or just act on them. In the case of Sam Bishop he was already in the mood for some fun and decided to go for it. Not knowing who he would meet or what would happen is just part of the thrill. He walks up to an abandoned, crumbling, old industrial building, with no idea what or who lays inside. The place appears to be empty but then Alexx Desley appears around a corner. Instantly there is an attraction, a rush of sexual energy. They square up to each other, they’re either going to lay into each other or erupt into a passionate kiss; it’s the latter. They tear each others clothes off, thrown into the broken glass, crumbling paintwork and dirty asbestos. Sam reaches into this mysterious strangers jock strap for a feel and it’s not long before he’s on his knees slurping on Alexx’s thick, pierced cock, getting harder by the second. They take tuns to nosh each other off, then use their surroundings as props to be fucked over, against and on. A really horny, risky, flip-flop session with two dirty and intense guys.

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Muscular jocks Marco Rubi and Gorka Martin are admiring each other’s beautiful muscular physiques before they get hard and horny, sucking each other’s hard uncut cocks, and rimming hot male bubble butt, before fucking in a steamy session of man sex.

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When Darius Ferdynand stops by The DreamBoy Hotel looking for JP, he’s surprised to see Billy Rubens as the new manager. But he’s not so surprised that he can’t appreciate the Russian’s sexiness. Especially since he’s decked out in a new suit and tie that makes Billy even sexier! And, since Darius obviously thinks Billy is a better fuck, it’s all the same to him. Billy lays in quite a fuck and Darius enjoys a deep, hard pounding, as well as riding Billy’s shaft, before each works themselves up to a beautiful climax!

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